Student Sports Festival uel 2022

This morning, the Student Sports Festival officially took place.
🔥 DYNAMIC 🥰🥰 IMPRESSIVE and 💪💪 DETERMINDED are words that can describe today's session about BCU students.
Under the 40 degree sun, the air became more boiling because of the fighting spirit and the health of the students. The first three competitions took place in the Cross Country Run, Relay Run and Tug of War, BCU students also made a bold mark on every step and got off to a FUN with many high prizes.
Take a look at these impressive images!
So, the students at BCU so far have come to the end of a very meaningful journey of the 2022 Student Sports Festival. Your presence at the Sports Festival is a special mark and full of pride that you have brought to BCU.
Let's take a look at the journey we've been through together!
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